3 Things You're Doing Giving You Wrinkles

I like to think that growing old is a gift and every line and wrinkle is something that is earned however I certainly don’t want to be creating unnecessary wrinkles before I have earned them with time. So today I am taking you through the simple things you are probably doing every day that are causing premature ageing.

  1. Not Wearing Sunscreen!

Tell your neighbour, alert the press, write to your mother and tell her that, without a doubt, one of the best anti-aging skincare products is SUNSCREEN.  Prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays (which are found both inside and outside) can cause premature aging.

Below is one of my favourite examples of the effects of prolonged sun exposure.

For 28 years William McElligott drove a truck and he would drive with one side of his face exposed to the sun while the other side was shaded in the cab. This type of aging is called photoaging and lucky for us, it can be easy to prevent. Being sun smart will not only reduce your risk of cancer but will also help prevent premature wrinkles from showing up unannounced and without invitation.

 2. You’re Being Too Rough!

Your skin is so delicate, and you should treat it as such! Make sure that when you are touching your face you aren’t unnecessarily stretching the skin. Tugging from makeup brushes and hands stretches the skin and can cause a break down in collagen and elastin. The best way to counteract this is to use makeup brushes gently and when using skincare, PAT don’t PULL.

3. You’re Not Wearing Your Sunglasses

Squinting can be a major cause of premature wrinkles around the eye area (see: crowsfeet). Not only will sunglasses protect your eyeballs from harmful UV damage but it will help keep the area around your eyes crease free (apart from the odd smile line, we hope you’ve got some of them)!

So unless you have managed to find the fountain of youth (like Paul Rudd did a decade ago), you may want to keep these tips in mind the next time you start rubbing your eyes when you get tired or you could just use your James Cosmetics Eye Mask 😉

Written by @madelinegrice