Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie from Emily Skye 🤳

Have you ever had a day where your makeup is on point, your hair is looking voluminous and bouncy and you feel like you can take on the world, and then you take 35 selfies and you hate them all? Well I know I certainly have! Don’t worry I am here with a few of my best tips to make sure your selfies reflect how amazing you look in real life!


When bad lighting happens to good people! I can’t express how important lighting is, it is the difference between a good photo and a great photo. I have always preferred natural lighting so go and find a window that lets in good natural light. Face the window and then shoot.


The most flattering angle for selfies is either eye level or higher. Trust me, don’t hold your camera any lower otherwise you will reveal chin rolls you didn’t even know you had!


It has taken me years to figure out the angles that look best for my face and if you look at a majority of my selfies on @emilyskyebeauty you will see I love to tilt my head slightly and it’s usually to (my) left. Take a bunch of photos with different angles and then go through pick out your favourites and you will soon find out the patterns of what you think is your best angle.


There is nothing worse than taking the perfect selfie and then realising you had a pile of dirty clothes or a toilet seat up in the background. Don’t just focus on your face in the photo, make sure you check your surroundings first. Not going to lie I have accidently taken a selfie while Dec was butt naked in the background haha.


This seems like an obvious one but I have seen countless photos that have everything going for them but then they are a little fuzzy. Just give your lens a quick clean before you start.

 YOU ❤️

The most important tip I can give is ‘are you happy?’ At the end of the day if your camera is low, the lighting is terrible and you have a rubbish bin in the background but you are happy, then that’s all that matters!

Written by @emilyskyefit